Virtual Friday night drinks

It’s Friday night …

It’s been a rough week ~ unwell, cold & wet weather, assignments to do for Uni and all I wanted to do each day was hide under the doona.

But no one else pays the bills or the mortgage so I had to “soldier on” and have finally made it through.

Thank goodness for red wine, pizza, tv and Facebook …

With a simple Facebook status update that I’m “drinking red wine” I am joined by friends in my Friday night drinks. So technically, I’m not drinking alone 🙂

Cheers ~ have a great weekend everyone.



Home alone on a Friday night

One of the blessings of living the solo life in Sydney is that Friday nights come with a choice. After a busy work week one can decide to go out for drinks after work or come straight home, order home delivery dinner, have a glass of wine and watch your favourite tv show.

Now the extroverts may think this is a waste of a Friday night, but for this little introvert it’s a perfect night. Especially in winter !!!

Burn some incense and candles, put on your PJs and recharge ready for the weekend ahead.

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh !!!!!!


Solo caffeine addicts unite


What better way to enjoy a coffee on a Sunday than with thousands of other caffeine addicts.  This years annual Aroma Festival will take place on Sunday 21st July at The Rocks.

“Meet 24 roasters, taste lip-smacking coffee-inspired cakes and accompaniments, take part in bean lovers’ workshops, experience the exotic in the Turkish Coffee House and linger over a latte as the face of Aroma’s 2013 coffee mosaic is revealed”.

Sunday 21st July…. 10am to 5pm