The Maids

Saturday nights can sometimes be the worst night of the week for those living the solo life.  Often people have family events, dates, or plans with other friends.  It’s not that they don’t want to spend time with you… they just have their own lives…

A recent conversation with a work colleague discovered a mutual liking for live theatre. From my colleague sharing that she was going to see Cirque du Soleil’s OVO on her own and me sharing that I was also going on my own (a different date) we now share our liking for live performances and we are each others theatre-going friend…

Last night we had the privilege of seeing Cate Blanchett in Sydney Theatre Company’s The Maids… WOW, so that’s what happens if you stay in an abusive work situation being treated like a door mat… It’s always an honour to see Cate Blanchett live on stage and Isabelle Hubbert was just as amazing.

Seeing The Maids with my theatre-going friend last night, as opposed to on my own, meant that I had someone to debrief the play with over another glass of wine or nice cup of tea afterwards… On my own, I’m usually left sharing my thoughts with the space in my head !!!

the maids


2 thoughts on “The Maids

  1. I went to see Ovo by myself too!

    For a variety of reasons my social life has slowed down immensly. At first it was a nice feeling to be confident enough to go do/see something I really wanted to without waiting for someone to come with me, or missing out altogether. Now I’m again missing social interactions, it’s a great experience to be able to share experiences with others.

    • Hi T, I agree with you.

      It takes a lot of courage and commitment to go to the theatre, performance, concert etc by yourself and yes it does get exhausting when you do it often.

      Sometimes before I buy the tickets I will send a general canvas message to people who I think might also be interested in seeing the same show. You never who might come forward and accept your invitation … solo or not solo !!! just make sure you invite people you would like to share the experience with ….

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