Home alone on a Friday night

One of the blessings of living the solo life in Sydney is that Friday nights come with a choice. After a busy work week one can decide to go out for drinks after work or come straight home, order home delivery dinner, have a glass of wine and watch your favourite tv show.

Now the extroverts may think this is a waste of a Friday night, but for this little introvert it’s a perfect night. Especially in winter !!!

Burn some incense and candles, put on your PJs and recharge ready for the weekend ahead.

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh !!!!!!



Solo caffeine addicts unite


What better way to enjoy a coffee on a Sunday than with thousands of other caffeine addicts.  This years annual Aroma Festival will take place on Sunday 21st July at The Rocks.

“Meet 24 roasters, taste lip-smacking coffee-inspired cakes and accompaniments, take part in bean lovers’ workshops, experience the exotic in the Turkish Coffee House and linger over a latte as the face of Aroma’s 2013 coffee mosaic is revealed”.

Sunday 21st July…. 10am to 5pm


Meetup with like minded people


A few years ago a friend suggested I look to meet up with like minded people. As daggy as this sounds, I like doing craft ~ you know making my own cards, knitting, cross stitch etc. Now if you’re thinking Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed !!!! Stop right there ~ that is NOT me.

So to Google I went with key words craft, group, Sydney …. and to my surprise there are quite a few groups in Sydney.

One that stood out for me AND was in my area was through Meetup … http://www.meetup.com. So I joined the group and today am a proud Crafty Wench.

Meetup was started in New York short after 9/11. The founder discovered that neighbours were talking to each other again and wanted to foster this level of connection. So Meetup was born. The concept is that anyone can start a Meetup group and anyone can join a Meetup. There are no fees to join and no commitments.

It’s a great way for those living the solo life to connect with like minded people.

Groups like movies, social change, dinners, food, craft, photography, philosophy etc. If you’re interested in it there’s most likely a Meetup up for you. Last night I ventured to the beachside suburb of Cronulla to see a movie called “Happy”. Some of us met for dinner first and then went to the Heart & Soul Yoga centre to watch the movie. A fairly inexpensive experience all up $30 to hang out with people interested in change, psychology and living an authentic life.

Today I’m joining some members of the Sydney Photography Meetup Group attending an introductory photography workshop.

Looking out the cafe window I’m happy to see that the rain has stopped, the sky is clear and now looking forward to taking some photos around Darling Harbour.

Have a beautiful sunny Saturday in Sydney everyone.

The Maids

Saturday nights can sometimes be the worst night of the week for those living the solo life.  Often people have family events, dates, or plans with other friends.  It’s not that they don’t want to spend time with you… they just have their own lives…

A recent conversation with a work colleague discovered a mutual liking for live theatre. From my colleague sharing that she was going to see Cirque du Soleil’s OVO on her own and me sharing that I was also going on my own (a different date) we now share our liking for live performances and we are each others theatre-going friend…

Last night we had the privilege of seeing Cate Blanchett in Sydney Theatre Company’s The Maids… WOW, so that’s what happens if you stay in an abusive work situation being treated like a door mat… It’s always an honour to see Cate Blanchett live on stage and Isabelle Hubbert was just as amazing.

Seeing The Maids with my theatre-going friend last night, as opposed to on my own, meant that I had someone to debrief the play with over another glass of wine or nice cup of tea afterwards… On my own, I’m usually left sharing my thoughts with the space in my head !!!

the maids

Living the solo life in Sydney…


This is the start of a blog which will attempt to share what is positive about living a solo life in Sydney, how to live an abundant life without a partner and not spend your time feeling like you have failed at life because you are not in a relationship.

Why am I qualified to write this blog? Because I have spent most of my 20’s, 30’s and the first half of my 40’s living a solo life in Sydney. I’m not a loser or unattractive or shy !!!!! I just like my own company and the freedom to live life on my terms.

In this blog, I will share my experiences, challenges and successes of living a solo life in Sydney….

Enjoy reading…